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Nobody could have figured out what a dog or a cat might be muttering internally.

There would have been no option to search for any grand memages especially when our boss would have instructed us to prepare for that useless “strategy meeting.” Frankly, there would have been nothing important left online, if there were no memes. And when we talk about memes, there are few topics more interesting than dating memes?

The 22-year-old reality star has reportedly signed up to a “dating” website that offers her money to go out with a series of eligible bachelors.

According to The Sun, the newly divorced Stodden has turned to the dating site in a bid to find love – and make a pretty penny or two while she does it.

They often focus narrowly on a single sort of woman, providing no alternative for other female personalities.

Her anthology provides a solution by offering perspectives from women who identify with a single, particular culture: the typically male-dominated world of geekiness.

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“Most of us are quite open and willing to chat and share our stories.” It’s this belief that propelled Nicholson to collect a comic anthology of female writers -- -- who will use the medium to tell their personal dating stories.

She shared a photo of her time at the party with the caption, "\r\n Ditching her real name for the online screen name \u201c Sugar Cane,\u201d Courtney has been attempting to win men over with a series of seriously busty selfies and teasing pics of her running her finger across her lips.

On her profile, the star proudly announces she\u2019s a \u201cprofessional blonde\u201d who wants to find someone \u201cfor champagne and fun conversation\u201d and is \u201calways down for a good time.\u201d\r\n She adds that she\u2019s interested in \u201cshort-term relationships\u201d and \u201cactivity partners\u201d as well as being open to \u201cno strings attached\u201d and \u201csugar daddy \/ sugar baby\u201d connections.

We are sure you would have seen countless versions of that iconic ‘cheating boyfriend’ image which led to the biggest memestorm ever. Finding lasting love is not an easy task, and it gives us great comfort to find that there are a lot of other people who are as hopeless as we happen to be.

Probably that’s why it is extremely funny to imagine the superheroes humbly creating their profiles on dating websites, profiles that could be discarded with a mere left swipe.

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