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By making use of the Helping chat server and any service provided from this point on, you agree that you have read and agreed to these rules that govern the Helping Chat Server.If you do not or cannot agree to these rules & regulations, you are expected to leave at this moment. LOL — those went out of fashion with MS-DOS last century. Now kids prefer to do “sexting” on their cell phones using skype, snapchat, instagram, and discord, because then they can send insantly photographed naked pictures of themselves to their friends.Or if you want you can have a virtual reality sex experience, some of which are extremely explicit and realistic.Logging means that every word said is recorded for our own records.All conversations in official network channels are logged, as is your IP address, and hostname.Your IP is your current computer's "address" on the Internet and your hostname is what the IP address resolves to in words. Your PM's in the chat are also logged, and potentially monitored in realtime by Administrators.

With DBabble's internal authentication system, it can be set up to allow users to create their own accounts (and optionally email passwords to them), or this can be restricted to allow only administrator users to create accounts.

Users communicate with the chat server using either a web browser, or a client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP.

Users can send instant messages to groups of users, receive email copies of their instant messages or new discussion group articles, and they can send and receive instant messaging from email addresses and mobile phones (via an external sms email gateway).

Needless to say that MTV is a huge portal with a lot of activity.

Thus, having a 24/7 stable flash chat solution is extremely important to us.

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