Charlise theron stuart townsend dating

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They're giving a substantial boost to the struggling celebrity-obsession trade, and we appreciate it.

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They were first spotted on a trip in Hawaii, and in May 2014, she opened up to Esquire UK , saying, "It was nice to be single and now it's nice to be not single." In June 2015, the couple broke off their engagement, but remained friends.Charlize Theron has famously found love with Sean Penn – and it seems her ex-partner Stuart Townsend has also found happiness.Dylan Townsend, the Irish actor's brother, has revealed that Stuart has fallen in love with a Costa Rican woman and she is expecting his second child soon. he's been off the map for the past year," Dylan told , continued: "He's about to have a second child and he's fallen in love with a Costa Rican girl as well and he has a piece of land so, yeah, totally new journey for him." News that Stuart has started a family comes as a shock to fans; the star has kept a low-profile since his split from Charlize in 2010 after nine years of dating.Theron seems to be handling her life as a single mom and acclaimed actor quite well all these years, and I know she deserves nothing but the best in any future relationships.There's this kind of idea that someone like me would be horrible with women.

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