Brittany daniel dating history

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Only then, when they danced together at the prom, did Mac and Billy realize how much they cared about each other.

Brittany became very jealous when she realized the attraction.

Senior year began, and a holiday series of the Glo by Jabot website added J. Mac started chatting with Billy on the Jabot website chat-room as "Clean Queen," getting him to open up about his feelings for Mac.

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Billy swore off alcohol after his near death experience. Billy and Brittany were supposed to be a shoe-in, but when the votes were counted, Billy and Mac were crowned King and Queen.They ran into each other a lot, and her presence seemed to bring Raul out of his despondency.They began attending concerts and movies together and hung out at Crimson Lights as friends, never admitting their growing feelings for each other.Billy bragged of his experience with drinking, partying, and girls while living in New York City. T., another expert partier, invited everyone to a party at a house he was house-sitting.Raul showed up in time to save best friend Billy's life when Billy suffered alcohol poisoning and collapsed in the snow, as neither Brittany nor J. was willing to call 9-1-1 and get themselves in trouble.

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