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I Assumptionist Community for International Formation (International meetings) (Communauté Assomptionniste de Formation à l’Internationalité) C. I am most grateful to him and to Sister Clare Theresa Tjader, R. who edited the biographies of Father Théodore Combalot and Mother Marie Eugénie, and who provided the text on Adoration by Mother Marie Eugénie and the English translation of Father Combalot’s introduction to the first Constitutions of the Religious of the Assumption. It was the shortest of his career, but a moving tribute to the victims of the conflict. Assumptionist Council of France (Provincials Delegates) (Conseil Assomptionniste de France) C. Father Julio Navarro, Assistant General, has been very helpful in this regard and in pointing out a certain number of typographical errors found in the original text. It is the very place where President Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) delivered one of his most famous speeches.

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To deepen one’s knowledge of Father d’Alzon and his century, and to imagine what he would do today in our place. To better organize the content of each stage of formation. Continuing formation shall concern itself with spirituality, the life of the Church, doctrinal and professional studies, the charism of the Congregation... No piece of clothing, even tailored, can fit perfectly all sizes and all shapes.

Father Jean-Paul provides here much of the information he gives to the novices when he introduces them to the religious family they are about to enter.

The title of the small book you have in hand, A Brief History of the Assumptionists, could theoretically recall no more than a list of facts, but for its author it is much more than that.

In fact, the challenge is to put flesh on historical data.

When we read historical narratives, the people involved can seem like nothing more than pawns on a chess board, and the events like no more than a long string of dates to be memorized without much consequence for our personal lives.

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