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My favorite part of the week is walking to the library, checking out my stack of holds, and reveling in that glorious feeling of having no idea where to start.

I make no fewer than three separate references to my book habit not because I’m bragging but because I honestly need men to understand that this is likely the most vital information about me. I live for nights when a friend calls for a long, bouncy conversation about a novel she just finished.

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I’ve had similar experiences like that when I’ve made explicit my desire to meet men similarly down with feminism and socialism.Like wanting a partner who reads is just a ridiculous expectation and that even writing this blog entry about it just serves to highlight my insufferable arrogance, exacting bitchiness and wholesale unfuckability.But at this point, I’d rather go home now than continue being on this date.Because, honestly, I would never be offended if a guy read my profile and decided we’d best not meet in a dating context. I don’t want to spend all my free time dating men I know I could never survive a layover with in a Chicago airport.While there’s a lot to hate about heterosexual dating (rape, for instance), one of the things I hate most as a woman is feeling constantly like having any explicit desires at all while dating is asking for too much.

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